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We wanted to be able to have our music adapt to the way we work out. As we picked up pace, the music should get more intense. As we cool down at the end of our workout, it should slow down with us.

What it does

Using the Myo Armband, this app tracks whether you are walking, jogging, or sprinting. Using these calculations, the app puts on certain Spotify playlists associated with different speeds.

How we built it

We built an Android application and used the Spotify SDK and Myo SDK.

Challenges we ran into

Being able to integrate the hardware data and analyze it to make a decision on which Spotify playlist to play.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a fully functional app that we can show to our parents.

What we learned

We learned about Android applications and integrating these SDK's into them, as well as determination is the name of the game.

What's next for Tempo Tunes

User calibration - different people have different speeds for walking, jogging, and sprinting. Upload your own Spotify playlists instead of using the default ones.

Check us out at Table 8!

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