Tempo is a time tracking and management integration for the JIRA platform. Tempo required a partner directory to elegantly present over 140 partners across 287 locations and growing.

What it does

The solution allows users to intelligently find partners that are best suited for their company's size, location and growth potential, all while maintaining an automated approach to handing off leads in the CRM.

How we built it

Key features we used included HubDB, multi table relationships, proximity API, lazy loading, Google maps, integrations criteria filtering, dynamic foreign population and browser state management. Under the hood, we used Angular to bring it all together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Firstly, we like that we have absolutely no data related to the partner, their locations, and other information hard-coded into the CMS. Everything is being pulled in from the HubDB API. Secondly, the ability to provide a wealth of user functionality without page reloads. We're controlling the state of the map, filters, search and cards by pushing URL parameters to the address bar.

What's next for Tempo Partners

We're always keen to see how new developments either in the HubSpot product or 3rd party libraries can build upon our work. Currently under consideration are alternative mapping functions such as Mapbox 3D, and exploring complimentary functionality within the new Operations Hub.

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