The real life experience of being a citizen of our city Bhubaneswar even after being declared a smart city and not coming close to it in reality. This app helps bridge the gap between the Government and the citizens helping understand the needs and opinions of the people.

What it does

It provides a platform for the user to influence the governments by bringing forth the pressing issues of the city that need dire attention by the government. This helps the government to conduct polls and analyze and make decisions for the same.

How we built it

We build it on NodeJS using Express framework, MongoDB was used as a database. Jquery and Bootstrap for the front end. for getting daily news feed and Google Map API for the visualizations.

Challenges we ran into

Deciding the Database Schema, establishing a frontend, interactive frontend. It was a dilemma deciding what features can be implemented during the span of the hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An interactive heat map based on a real life case study using data visualizations.

What we learned

We had an amazing insight into Google Map API, apt use of Express for rapid API making.

What's next for Temple City

We plan to make it more robust, make modifications to allow nation wide adoption, provision for moderators. Moving to a more advanced front-end framework like Angular or React.

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