How has online classes affected your life? Are classes harder? Does it seem like school just isn’t the same? Well, we’ve come up with a clever way to have better and more frequent access to the same help we used to have in school.

We’ve developed a platform that will allow students to connect with tutors within a matter of minutes and get the help they need. Using a MongoDB database of tutors and a category/related terms matching system, our program matches students with the right tutor for their problems. Type in your problem and our category recognition system will match you with a Tutr that can help. Anybody can sign up to be a Tutr, and each Tutr is kept in check by a 1-5 rating system sourced from previous students of each Tutr. No matter what kind of problem you’re tackling, a Tutr will be there to help you! Sign in today and immediately hop into a video call with a tutor who is waiting to help a student like you!


We drew from our own experiences as students and considered what problem we face in today’s age and society. With Covid-19, contact is limited and anytime you see someone, it's with a mask. We barely see our professors in-person and lose many opportunities to obtain, help, or develop a student-teacher relationship that is so beneficial to learning and retaining crucial information.

What it does

Connects help-seeking students with experienced tutors using categories and related terms to filter user requests. Matches users to registered tutors with the listed skills that fit the user's issue. Upon a match, the website quickly opens a zoom meeting with an available tutor.

Offers assistance in Math, Social Studies, Physics, Chemistry, and English. Expandable to other topics with access to larger set of data and knowledge categories.

How we built it

JavaScript, Node.JS, Express.JS, Google Oauth, HTML5, CSS3, Pug, Heroku, Google Natural Language API

Challenges we ran into

We were pretty inexperienced in all of the technologies that we used and thus we had to learn as we went along This resulted in a lot of trial and error and a lot of the concepts that we thought of creating weren’t as easy as expected

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The creation of a viable platform to connect students and teachers in a world that limits personal contact to a large extent Contributing an actually useful program that, with improvements, could be utilized by students all over the country.

What we learned

How to make Webapp w/ Express.JS & MongoDB How to use CSS libraries like Materialize.css and Bootstrap 4 Jade/Pug Formatting How to host an application on Heroku

What's next for Tutr

Driving a lot of traffic through it to allow more and more people to become connected

Updating/Releasing different version so that it can be used in different schools all over the world

Implement Natural Language API (see images)

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