The inspiration for the project was to bring cryptography and magic together, resulting in a fun and enchanting way to protect your files using cryptography and a magical wand powered by an Arduino.

What it does

With the Arduino-powered magical wand we have developed, the user is able to create a sequence of gestures that can be used to secure any files uploaded using cryptography. By simply repeating the set wand swings, the user is able to encrypt and secure any files.

How we built it

The magic wand uses a 3-axis accelerometer to detect an acceleration in the y, x, and z components. The readings from the accelerometer are communicated to our web server using Linode's cloud service, and if the wand gesture corresponds to the one set by the user, the files get encrypted and secured.

Challenges we ran into

Identifying the readings from the 3-axis accelerometer and correlating it to a gesture was a very challenging problem. The sensor is able to find out the direction the device is moving. However, identifying the gesture was much harder as an acceleration in both the x and z variables could have different meanings.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of developing a wand powered by an Arduino that can be used to accurately recognize any swings and a system that successfully uses Linode's computational power and object storage buckets to allow for communication between our wand and webserver.

What we learned

We have learned how to use a 3- axis accelerometer, how to identify gestures, movement, and direction in three orthogonal directions, and how to process data using Lenoid's cloud service.

What's next for Magic Seal

Next for MagicalSeal is improving the accuracy of the wand by upgrading the 3-axis accelerometer and perfecting the software and processing of data to more precisely interpret the readings from the sensor.

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