Elevator pitch: TempID is low cost, sticker-style body temperature recording solution that icludes patiend ID. For personal, medical companies and hospitals usage. Reducing number of procedures, rising health data monitoring efficiency and lowering cost of treatment. Patient ID connection for hospitals IT-systems to register, track and monitor patients main health parameters. Comfortable for patient and doctor. Check: www.tempid.ee

Usage: With TempID we can solve following problems:

  • In hospitals main parameter to measure is patient body temperature. TempID logs patient body temperature and includes patient ID. No need to perform measuring procedure and use separate ID sticker on patient. Low cost, no need to reuse - eliminates contagious disease spreading threat caused by reused materials.
  • Get analyzes of medicine effect to body temperature without “wiring” or ultrafrequent body temperature measuring procedure.
  • For private users, TempID gives opportunity to log Your or Your baby body temperature and send health log to Your doctor with 1 click. No need for frequent fever measuring procedures.

Challenges: Stability of front-end interface, but just a metter of time to fix.

TempID project accomplishments:

Next for TempID:

  • Clinical tests batch W51
  • Clinical tests Q1 2017
  • On Market Q2 2017
  • New series development starts Q4 2016
  • New series design finished Q2 2017

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