The people bravely working on the front line in the health field inspired me.

What it does

This is a wearable pendant that Bluetooth connects to your phone or smart watch to display your temperature!

How I built it

I used Solidworks to CAD (computer-aided design) the model.

Challenges I ran into

I do not yet have the technology of how to actually compress the heat sensing technology into the pendant. The temperpendant as it is now would be expensive to develop possibly difficult to produce. Also, it might be that the need for the temperpendant will have passed by the time the pendant has developed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Constructing the charger and the pendant in Solidworks!

What I learned

I learned how to use Solidworks to 3d model a product.

What's next for Temperpendant

Development of the technology, reducing the costs, making it all around more affordable for a wider range of people. I need to develop the app that receives the temperature and find a way to make it feasible. Furthermore, I need to expand my team as I have no experience in developing electronics and temperature readers.

Built With

  • solidworks
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