For those of us with a terrible perception of temperature, it often doesn't help to check the weather prior to getting dressed if you don't know what clothing is appropriate for specific weather conditions. Through this simple Alexa skill, we aimed to make that process a little easier. No more walking outside with short sleeves and flip flops in freezing weather!

What it does

Temperature Tailor recommends what type of clothing you should wear. It does this by retrieving local weather information and taking into account several factors: temperature, precipitation, and whether it is sunny or cloudy (because sunny 62° F weather calls for different clothing than if it were cloudy and 62° F).

How we built it

We wrote an Alexa skill using AWS Lambda and Python that interacts with two API's: one that determines the user's longitude and latitude, and another that takes that geolocation information and returns weather information for the specified area.

Challenges we ran into

Due to the nature of the geolocation API that we chose and the fact that our Python API call executes on AWS Lambda, the location information is always the same. Every time it is fetched, this geolocation information is retrieved for Ashburn, VA, which is within the North Virginia AWS Region where our Alexa Skill is hosted. Additionally, the Alexa skill testing environment has some limitations that made it difficult to further investigate this issue.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Familiarizing ourselves with Git, practicing a language that we have little experience working with (Python), using multiple APIs in conjunction to solve a larger problem, and collaborating as a team.

What we learned

Standard API conventions, the typical Git workflow used when collaboratively developing as a team, using Amazon Web Services, logical analysis of programming problems through the use of flowcharts and pseudocode, applying foreign technologies to solve a real-world problem.

What's next for Temperature Tailor

Future iterations of Temperature Tailor will include revised location fetching through the use of Alexa Address Information, and later, will accommodate for a wider selection of weather conditions.

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