Due to this Pandemic the checking and safeguarding the people with the virus is very important, thus I came up with this smart contactless IoT base thermometer that can also turn on siren and inform the officials if any abnormal temperature is noted.

What it does

Detect the temperature of a person contactlessly within a certain range and allowing only the one who have a normal body temperature by showing a wheel of green led, and showing the wheel of red led if anyone above normal body temperature comes and will let the securities know about that by turning on the buzzer and sensing message of such case to the admin or to the authorities.

How we built it

This project has primarily three functionalities:- ii) To check the person’s temp. and to let him enter if he/she is having normal temp. Range. iii) To forbid the person, who is not having a normal temp, to allow, moreover it will indicate with a red indication to the person and also will alert the security by turning on the buzzer. iv) Finally it will send message to the authorities that a person with abnormal temperature had entered and also to take necessary actions. Now in heavily populated place like the supermarket or shopping mall where huge number of people come and go, having a person with higher than normal temperature can be harmful for the other customer too and to handle this type situation a bolt device have been made to notify the authorities from some person having abnormal body temp.

When the proximity sensor sense a value among the certain range it allows the IR temp. sensor to collect the temperature of the object and to calculate it’s value, if it is normal only the green led will turn on and the display will show the normal body temp.

Again when the proximity sensor senses a value among the certain range it allows the IR temp. Sensor to collect the temperature of the object and to calculate its value, if it is not normal the led will do a wheel like pattern fastly and will also turn on the buzzer informing the security. Here I had use a matchstick to show the high temp. result.

Now, the sensor will also inform the authorities, to take necessary action and to forbid that particular person from entering for the shake and health of the other customers

Challenges we ran into

The main problem I faced is getting the correct temperature, this is problem is solved by attaching a proximity sensor with it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After working day and night on the code, libraries and different video editing apps, I am proud that my efforts were fruitful.

What we learned

We learnt how to give voice over, and improve the accuracy of our codes using different libraries.

Built With

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