What inspired us to create this project was the lack of respect for social distancing guidelines and wanted to find a way to automate the enforcement of social distancing. Through the use of this hack, people can now be safer and feel more confident in the face of COVID-19 and other sicknesses because we have automated the reading of their temperatures.

What it does

Through the use of a thermal camera, assisted by a machine learning model, our hack accurately detects the temeperatures of people in a room, and sends it back to a server, where it is displayed on a webpage and notifies people. Our hack is meant for students to be safer when going to school in the Fall while COVID-19 is still a risk. This hack can help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

How I built it

We broke our team into sections where half built the website and the other half built the hardware that goes along with it, obtaining the information. In addition, one of us also created the 3D Printed Raspberry Pi 4 case that fits the lepton module.

Challenges I ran into

The Lepton Camera had hardware issues that we solved by rewiring. The Lepton source code was written in Python 2, but our Machine Learning algorithm was written in Python 3, so we turned our Lepton source code into Python 3. Our Machine Learning was not entirely accurate and had overlapping bounding boxes, so through the use of a couple algorithms, we minimized the error.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of learning how to interface with a new piece of hardware. Although we might have wasted a lot time by constantly trying to get it to work, it was still something really cool to see when it worked. We are also very proud of the case that we built for the Raspberry Pi 4, which stores our components as well as houses the main Lepton Module.

What I learned

We learned a lot about data manipulation when using Machine Learning algorithms so that they would fit our needs. We also learned a lot about how to use MongoDB as our database and interface with its Cloud version called Atlas over many applications.

What's next for TempCheck

We want to be able to calculate the distance between people so that we can see if they are social distancing or not.

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