Every year, children and pets die due to heat stroke because they've been left in their cars. People think "Oh I'll just be gone a minute!" but for whatever reason (they forget or lose track of time), get held up. Problem is, even if the temperature starts out at a pleasant 72 deg, it can get 30 - 40 degrees hotter in just an hour.

My device helps prevent this by sending text reminders with the current temperature of the car. As the temperature increases, the reminders become more frequent. If it reaches a dangerous level, it will call 911 (but actually my phone).

To pair your phone with the device, all you have to do is text 530-387-4678.

The application is running natively on the Intel edison with the Arduino breakout board and uses a Grove Temperature sensor. The calls to the Twilio api are made through the wifi module on the edison.

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