• Need for the sensitisation of young people for the cultural heritage collected in the museum.
  • Growing environmental pollution is creating artefacts that live out several human life spans.

What it does

  • It's a game, made to inspire people and help them to engage further with the archeologic artefacts of the museum.
  • Since it's a game, it should be entertaining for others to play.

How we built it

We gathered together, talked a lot about possible game ideas, the goal we want to achive and how we want the player to feel while gaming.

Challenges we ran into

  • basic game development was new to us
  • UX and keeping the goal present at all times
  • Unity was pretty new to us

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our idea of traveling through time backwards while collecting items from the known to the unkown is decent.
  • We developed a lot of prototypes to display our ideas.
  • enjoying game development, even if that's not our main business

What we learned

  • fundementals of game development
  • having fun together
  • something about Unity

What's next for Arch Nemesis

merching the prototypes, develope them further and have a fully functional game in the end to help people getting to know a lot about history

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