(describe problem of domestic abuse in various places)

(tech can help record the incident and also help detect when it may occur)

What it does

  • As soon as you open the app, you

How we built it

  • Use NodeJS and react to create a simplistic interface
  • Connect to Deepgram API for obtaining text transcripts of conversions, complete with the speaker
  • Add button to call for trusted person and inform them with an automated message

Challenges we ran into

  • Trying to stream audio to the API with Python, juggling between async and multiprocessing
  • Comprehending responses from Deepgram
  • Deleting redundant words from responses (the same utterance got detected as multiple words, which is distracting)
  • Setting up Twilio API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Hacking our way through the various challenges

What's next for Life Log

  • Fix Twilio integration, and pass on
  • Implementing automatically performing the call from transcript (instead of with a button press)

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