We saw the youtube video about a goose game that was hilarious and it made us realize how fun and stress relieving games can be. So we decided to build a game that not only helps us relieve our stress but also shows our mental health in terms of happy sad angry by showing the appropriate stabby

What it does

It allows the user to keep track of their mental states, logging their frustrations and their positive experiences. Stabby the knife roomba helps them to vent their frustrations by destroying them in a game. The main application acts as a base to personalise information. This makes the application tailored to the user experience instead of a generic setting.

How we built it

  • We used powerpoint to create the art and icon and used pygame to create the animation and the game. Sqlite3 was used to retrieve the user data to be used in the game, pandas to more easily manipulate the data in the game.
  • Kivy was used to create the base of the application. Last but not the least we used sqlite3 to store information gathered from the game and analysed it to give the end result.

Challenges we ran into

  • We had other plans and designs for the game initially, we wanted the character to appear to directly move around on the screen instead of being bound by a window, however, we were unable to figure out how to do it so we changed our design to something more feasible
  • There were some issues running the code on our different computers (ie code that runs on one computer would not run on another for unknown reasons) :c
  • No prior experience with pygame or combining sqlite databases in a python program.
  • No prior experience with kivy and creating desktop application using python
  • No prior experience in combining multiple python programs to work as one program

What we learned

  • We learned how to create a simple game in pygame, which we have never used
  • Learned how to call data from sqlite database to python
  • Use kivy to create cross platform applications and integrate it with pygame and sqlite3

What's next for Nyoomba

  • Upgrading the database to store more complex information
  • Create a system to automate the process of getting current affairs and creating tags from them, to put on the balloons. The text in balloons will be more personalised as each round of the game is completed the information is analysed and stored for future reference
  • Analysis of the users mood data to help suggest mental health practices most suited to them
  • Enhance the game, adding more features like a point system and different sized balloons depending on how emotionally affected the user was by the incident listed
  • Additional games, making a virtual companion using the remaining art assets, to make our character feel more authentic and alive to the user so that it can provide more effective support.

What does Nyoomba mean

It's just a roomba that goes nyoom :D

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