Account management for external parties has been one of the the most headache tasks in my daily work. There are always vendors that would like connecting our environments for setting up stuffs, and setting up these accounts take a lot of time and effort because of the high amount of such request.

What it does

The playbook reads CSV file containing list of temp accounts' Username and Account Effective Period, then schedule related tasks on XSOAR.

How I built it

Mainly using ParseCSV and OOTB AD Integration with little python script to glue things together

Challenges I ran into

Schedule task on XSOAR requires cron job to be created, that the time format on cron may not be understandable by non-technical team.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Created a little python script that convert "normal" time format to cron job, and glue the pieces together to build a small but effective playbook that actually solves the issue we encountered.

What I learned

How to automate tasks and handle information flow effectively.

What's next for Temp Account Management for External Parties

Enhance the playbook with better error handling and more file format support.

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