Political engagement is a cornerstone of democracy, from national elections to student governments. Voter turnout often suffers for many reasons; two of those challenges are a lack of information and difficulty getting involved. We want to help UTD's Student Government boost engagement by providing an easy to use app for their constituents.

What it does

Temocracy is a mobile app that connects the UTD student body with their student government. With Temocracy, you can see who is currently in office, read about candidates, see how candidates are doing via polls, sign active petitions, and even vote!

How I built it

All designs were created through Sketch while including UTD's color palette and logos. The actual app itself was created using Swift in xcode. We used multiple open source libraries to add functionality including iOS charts and AirBnB's lottie animation library.

Challenges I ran into

Finding detailed information about UTD's Student Government was challenging which is part of the reason we created Temocracy. Implementing the overall architecture of the app was challenging, especially in a short time frame.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of creating an app that promotes civic engagement among students. If young people begin getting involved in democracy in college, they may be more likely to continue being active constituents in state and national government. Learning that your voice matters and can change policies is a step towards a better civic society.

What I learned

I learned more about our student government at UTD. I also learned some new features in Sketch to make some custom icons.

What's next for Temocracy

Implementing functionality behind the voting screen and getting real data for ticket information, candidates, etc.

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