We were inspired to create this Temoc Classroom Bot through our own struggles navigating this online learning environment and handling all the stress, disorganization, and minimal communication that comes with it. With deadlines, lectures, classmate group me, and office hours being spread all over multiple platforms, this template discord server and the bot help organize all that in one place.

What it does

The Temoc Classroom Bot allows the user to be assigned roles such as professor, TA, and student accordingly. It also the user to select their preferred pronouns at the welcome channel which is removed after joining. It includes a verification process where a user has to select their pronouns and their real name to access the server. The Bot includes a way to store class assignments and their due dates being added by a TA or moderator, giving alerts 3 days, 1 day, 12 hours, 6 hours, and 1 hour prior to the assigned due date. It additionally allows for the storage of the lecture's date and time. There is a !help command that shows other commands available such as !change-pronouns: to change your pronouns, !assignments: to view all assignments, !add-assignment: to add assignments, !remove-assignment: to remove assignment which both can only be done by a TA, moderator, or professor, and lastly !set-lecture : to add date and times for lecture by a TA or moderator. The bot also notifies students prior to the lecture beginning. Lastly, the bot is also able to censor the user's messages if the message includes inappropriate or explicit language.

How we built it

How the Temoc Classroom Bot was built is using JavaScript through Visual Studio Code and Node.js incorporating Cockroach DB in order to store the assignment and lecture information. Each team member took on specific assignments such as setting up a server template, adding commands, creating and connecting the database.

Challenges we ran into

A couple of challenges that we ran into initially was how coming up with a unique and useful idea. Upon finalizing our features, the main challenge we faced is a majority of the member did not know how to code in javascript especially for a discord bot which is why we turn to the internet and also learned from a member who has some experience. Additionally, other challenges we faced were connecting the cockroach DB to the server in order to store the assignment and lecture information.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some accomplishments that we're proud of include one of our members completing their first hackathon as well as we all learned a portion of a new language. Additionally, we are also proud of our ability to take a broad range of ideas and integrate them into a bot that has a clean and understandable list of commands.

What we learned

What we learned how to utilize Cockroach DB as well as learned a vast amount of javascript using node.js and visual studio code. Additionally, we learned how to incorporate our code into a discord server.

What's next for Temoc Classroom Bot

What's next for Temoc Classroom Bot is adding the functionality to be able to automatically set up study groups among students based on their availability and puts them into server channels to study together for upcoming exams or to ask questions about assignments.

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