Online public gathering space to bring people together during the lockdown period.

Web-based conference scheduling solution in Switzerland for yoga classes, indoor sports, cooking courses, family gatherings, …

  • Digital alternative to Badi, Parks, … - meet new people!
  • For private (invite-only) or public events (listed on platform)


Virtual meetings needed due to physical distancing

Existing solutions are unfit:

  • Zoom et al. have privacy issues, hosted abroad
  • Some can not handle COVID-19 demand
  • Some are limited to one organization (i.e. Uni)
  • Hard to understand for less-technical people


  • Web application to schedule and view appointments
  • Highly-scalable video conferencing infrastructure
    • Completely hosted in Switzerland
    • End-to-End encrypted & anonymous
    • Fully Open Source: Jitsi, Kubernetes, Rancher
    • Running your own platform possible -
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