I always spend some time trying to come up with a social awareness related hack, but generally end up going with a project a little less serious. However, this time around the #HackHarassment theme really inspired me as to what I could do to develop a product that might actually help others.

What it does

tell somebody is a platform that schools can integrate into their recommended tech, where students can submit reports of harassment, or commend their peers on their exemplary actions. The goal is to promote a healthier environment where students look forward to receiving well-deserved recognition from their peers, and can feel comfortable anonymously reporting harassment they might encounter.

How I built it

I started with the backend and endpoints, using Ruby on Rails. I chose Rails because it would integrate well with Postgres, which is my preferred database.

Next, I focused on building out the app. I used React Native as I've had lots of experience with it building another project, so I was very familiar with the environment, and it would allow me to produce both an Android and iOS app simultaneously.

Challenges I ran into

I've only ever developed a website with Rails before, so wrapping my head around how I would develop an API and RESTful endpoints was a bit difficult. I needed to learn how I could return JSON rather than render html webpages, and how the app would interact with the endpoints.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The UI is a little bland and simple, but I really feel happy with it. It took next to no thought to design a page, but it gives the app a feeling of seriousness, and of simplicity, hopefully prompting users to understand that nothing more needs to be said or done about harassment so long as they speak up.

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