Point It books from the 90's which were used for travellers from Germany. We felt that this same concept could be applied to refugees and asylum seekers, and that it could be extended into learning a language.

Direct feedback from someone who has experienced settling in Australia as a refugee and the challenges that entails. This further cemented the utility of the app and guided the focus.

What it does

By using images only the app overcomes barriers to learning English people face in language learning when settling in a new country. These barriers can include low literacy levels, speaking an uncommon language or dialect that not a lot of resources are available for, and inability to access structured English classes.

The simplicity of the app also reduces the sense of being overwhelmed in a new country, as well as helping to orientate and navigate the local environment.

It provides refugees with a database of flashcards relevant to their experience, as a communication tool and a learning resource. Each card includes an image, English text and audio and the capacity to add text or audio in another language.

How we built it

We discussed our concept with workers from Red Cross, AMES, and people who have settled in Australia as refugees and asylum seekers, and used their feedback to narrow the focus of the app.

We spent a lot of time developing the concept, to make sure it fills a need that is not catered for,

We created a paper prototype followed by a clickable wireframe.

Challenges we ran into

Ensuring the focus was narrow, and considering limitations that users might experience such as limited access to internet or up to date phone technology.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The simplicity and ease of use of the app particular to the needs of our user group.

What we learned

To keep the features limited to a very specific focus so as not to further contribute to a user's sense of being overwhelmed.

What's next for Tell Me Now (Flashcards app) by the Comets

Funding! More testing! Hiring an app developer, illustrator, voice actor.

Built With

  • axure
  • marvel
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