The inspiration comes from the work I have been doing for my dissertation, running very large simulations taking lots of time I realised I was wasting lots of time by leaving them for 3 hours, but they had only taken 2. So, with this not only will I be notified when it has done but I can also very easily start them going again.

What it does

It is a package that can be used by other programs which will keep persistent user lists and notify them when something in the program has finished, admins can be set by entering a password and they can input variables from their phone and the program can use these to run again instead of the developer having to go back to their PC.

How I built it

I built it in python using Twilio, it receives input from the user via a localhost Flask program that is set to public facing by using ngrok. Twilio auth key and SID are stored locally in a json file and users are pickled and shelved.

Challenges I ran into

I have never used Twilio or Flask before, so it was interesting trying to get the two to work together when I have never seen either one working independently

Accomplishments that I am proud of

Users can send it anything and it is reasonably robust so far as well as using hashing for password checking for admin rights.

What I learned

The use of Twilio, Flask, how to pickle objects, password hashing.

What's next for Tell Me Done

It would be nice to get it running on a cloud service as that was originally the plan but going back and forth from it took too much time for me.

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