We wanted refugee girls to think of our app as a safe space where they can express themselves, be creative, and learn in the process.

For the MVP, we are only including the daily warm-up part which is the initial task that grants students access to the rest of the platform. We think this daily exercise is not only an opportunity to practice their writing skills and master their host country’s language, but also a therapeutic outlet to cope with the stressful experience of their daily lives.

We start by asking that they share what’s on their mind today in their native language so they are not bound by the language of the country that’s hosting them. Our app then automatically reviews their spelling and verb tenses so they can improve their grammar and end by translating their final draft into the host country’s language with corresponding pronunciation guidance to speed up learning.

Beyond the MVP, we would offer project-based learning as a way to maintain interest and inspire self-learning. Students would be able to be entrepreneurial and pick their own project, or select from a list of suggested projects. To be better prepared to tackle the projects we would offer themed foundational learning modules. For instance, if the theme is “building rollercoasters” then the foundational interactive learning modules would include math and physics and any examples or practice problems would be mostly about rollercoasters. Just like in the warm-up part of the app, students would be taught in their native language, but writing translations and guided pronunciation would be available in their host country’s language.

Once they successfully submit their projects, we would offer them the opportunity to connect with other girls their age nearby that completed similar projects. The hope would be for them to be able to meet in person to start building a local learning community and collaborate on taking their projects to the next level.

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