My inspiration was that Menlo Teachers never kept up on scheduling online which made me want to create a better way for them to connect and warn students about assignments ahead of time in a fast and easy way. While there is a calendar on Haiku, it is rarely used and hard to see updates.

What it does

Telescope helps you keep more organized with your schedule. A teacher (or you) can input reminders into your schedule. When 'OK' is pressed, the reminder is put into a column right below the textbox, and each reminder after that is stacked below the previous reminder. As an added feature, the reminder is automatically converted into a tweet that can be put up on twitter once the user hits confirm. A great way for getting reminders in a variety of different ways, especially for younger generations. (Also, the website is responsive on Desktop, and -for the most part- responsive on mobile too!)

How I built it

I used a couple open libraries including: bootstrap (for buttons/overall formatting), font-awesome(for the calendar icon), jQuery(for some cool animations), and another cool animation button. The rest was built with HTML and CSS and some cool Google Fonts (all which can be found in the head).

Challenges I ran into

I've only ever built one or two websites before so everything took a lot longer than it should of and I definitely had to sweep through a lot of basic tutorials to refresh what I had learned. It was a challenge trying to get each of the divs to work with each other and not clash, and to make my code work the with jQuery which is always a challenge for me. I also hit a huge block in the beginning with my team trying to come up with some idea and trying to figure out a language to code it in even though most of us only know Java. So overall it was a great experience trying something new and learning cool new languages.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Somehow fitting all of our crazy plans into something that anyone can access on the web. Also pushing myself to stay up most of the night to finish, since staying up late has never been my thing.

What I learned

Time management, preparation, being flexible, and being confident in myself and others.

What's next for Telescope

I wanted to make the schedule look more like a grid than a list, but for my programming knowledge right now that wasn't possible, so hopefully I''ll have time to fix that up when I start to improve a little bit more

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