☺ Dipsy loves to help people and make them happy. This time, he wants to tell you something about your future.

What it does

☺ Dipsy doesn't work until it's getting paid by the user(by putting coins in the coin acceptor).

☺ Dipsy's eye can take picture of the users face to run image analysis through Microsoft's Cognitive Services Face API. Using the API, face rectangles are being detected and the results are used to run a mood analysis. Base on the mood analysis and Dipsy's mysterious power, he can make predictions about random aspects of a person's life.

How we built it

☺ Dipsy is created with recyclable materials. It has a model type of body, two beautiful heads, and is wearing a stylish piece of clothing. It takes two inputs, one is through his eye that has a web cam built inside and the other is a coin acceptor. It expresses himself through two ways:

The vaping device attached to Dipsy's head consists of an e-cigarette, an adapter and a pump. The pump and e-cigarette are activated through separate relay circuits that are switched by signals from the Arduino. The Other eye of Dipsy is a LED that will blink when user pays him money.

Challenges we ran into

problems with installation of openCV

Arduino inputs and outputs

Time management

Accomplishments that we're proud of

integration of microsoft's API

Dipsy's face

Running into problems with raspberry pi but solved it by having a backup plan of using computer to talk to the arduino uno directly

What we learned

Time management

What's next for Telerelevations

Built With

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