As biomedical engineering seniors and grad, we see the vast market potential for telemedicine applications.

What it does

Upon initial visit or post-op the leap sensor is given with the debriefing pack for physical therapy for the patient. After setup with simple software and the leap hardware, possibly with the help of a family member, a specific routine is selected. As the patient performs specific poses, the local program fits their arm positioning to preset models. The lower the error from the model shows greater mobility within the patient, and better form in maximizing the PT routine based on the patient condition. Upon completing a routine the data is transferred to a server and displayed on our website for only the patient and provider to access. A PT history will be displayed to show progress with following routines.

How we built it

python, local server with flask and ngrok, raw data isolation with leap, basic front end web dev

Challenges we ran into

a lot

Accomplishments that we're proud of

a lot

What we learned

a lot

What's next for TelePT

game design and more routines

Built With

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