My Teleprompter for the Epson Moverio scratches my own itch. I present onstage at a lot of hackathons and have trouble remembering exactly what I intend to say. The teleprompter I am working on displays the text of what I'm supposed to say onscreen so I can read it onstage. But it doesn’t just advance the text at a set pace, it listens as I talk and moves the text to match my pace. It does this by listening to what I'm saying and running speech recognition in the background, matching up what I say to the script I have entered. Since it follows along as I speak, it can also advance Powerpoint slides when I get to the right spots automatically. And it will be able to warn you to speed up or or slow down to stay at the perfect pace.

Last year I built a prototype teleprompter for Google Glass, so I have experience with wearable teleprompting. That project captured the attention and imagination of many people, and I have established relationships with a professional teleprompter company in NYC who wants to use it on live TV, several CEO's from notable companies who want to use it at keynote presentations, and even Sting's tour manager who was interested in Sting wearing it to remind him of his lyrics while performing in concert.

Unfortunately the hardware limitations of Google Glass have prevented me from releasing a stable and fully functional teleprompter. I am excited to finally fulfill the potential using the much more exciting and capable Epson Moverio platform.

In addition to being an extremely useful application to highlight legitimate business uses for wearable computing, my teleprompter is set to succeed because of the relationships I have already built up due to my previous experiments with Google Glass. I look forward to putting that momentum behind Epson!

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