inSight Augmented Medicine presents “Telepresence,” a Moverio application that allows medical experts to provide first-person guidance and instructions to individuals at off-site locations. Expert medical care is often unavailable at remote “field locations” such as a ship out at sea, an off-shore oil rig, or a research base in Antarctica. Telepresence can bring expert medical support from a “home-base” clinic directly to the field. However, Telepresence is much more than just a video conferencing tool. It enables experts to view and direct medical procedures as if they were actually there.

Using the camera from the Epson Moverio BT-200s, Telepresence transmits a live video stream of the action out in the field onto a tablet operated by the expert at home-base. This provides medical experts a first-person view of the situation in the field, and they can then draw with their finger on the surface of the tablet. Their drawings and instructions are then transmitted back across the network to the field where the wearer of the Moverios sees the drawings appear in the transparent lenses of the glasses while allowing two-way voice communication over the network.

Our principal focus for this application has been its potential uses in the medical space; however Telepresence could be a benefit to any industry where first-person instructions or guidance from a home-base location is needed out in the field.

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