Ever wondered about the name of the beautiful spot you see in a photo? and found it hard to remember its foreign name, or wondered which country hosts it?

What it does

After the user enters the URL of an image, the app determined the name and the location of the landmark and finds the nearest airport and the price for a ticket to go there. (as it stands now it is using fictional airlines provided by IATA NDC it assumes all flights originating from a fixed city and that the travel date is 7 days in the future)

How I built it

It was built on Java EE , it makes use of Google's AI to recognizes the name and location of the landmark. After retrieving the nearest airports, It uses the test IATA NDC API to retrieve the price of a ticket to that airport.

Challenges I ran into

Although google can recognize a great number of indoor and out door landmarks, the combination of hard to recognize photos, and the limited flights available by the test IATA NDC API makes the app a hit or a miss. The fictional airlines brochure provided by IATA NDC test APIs Operating to the following airports:

  • ARN - Stockholm
  • BCN - Barcelona
  • CDG - Charles De Gaulles
  • DXB - Dubai
  • FRA - Frankfurt
  • LHR - London Heathrow
  • MUC - Munich
  • PRG - Prague
  • RIX - Riga
  • TXL - Berlin Tegel
  • SFO - San Francisco
  • DUB- Dublin

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Venturing from mobile development into web development, sorry for the primitive interface.

What I learned

Coming from mobile development background I've had to research the large options for web hosting

What's next for Teleporter Web

Better interface, connecting it with a live flight search API

The web page can be found here:

The long form of the URL is URL is :

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