At one point in the future we will be looking at an attraction through VR and from that virtual world we will be able to book flights, hotels and activities to live the real life experience. The Teleporter app is just a step into that direction.

What it does

You can't identify that beautiful vacation spot you see on TV or instagram? take a photo & watch some AI magic.

Teleporter won Best New Getting Around Town App at Hack Your Travel Hackathon by Openshift, thanks for all those who voted

Teleporter identifies and retrieves the name of the place in the photo, ticket price and flight duration

Use Teleporter android app to upload a photo of a landmark, and get flight information, and a virtual tour of that spot. The app also allows you to capture photos from your tv screen or computer monitor to upload.

Teleorter app also provides a direct link to a 360 panoramic image of the spot

How I built it

Teleporter is an Android App, with an Openshift JBoss backend to provide RESTful API.


Teleporter app captures the image and retrieves location lat/long by leveraging Google Cloud Vision

Google Cloud Platform

then the app passes the position's lat/long to the backend as parameters, the backend is then tasked with finding the nearest airports and getting flight information departing to the nearest airport, including price and duration. That is accomplished by leveraging Sabre Travel Network API, the result is then passed back to the app and displayed to the app user.


Currently the departure airport is hard coded to be Chicago O'Hare, just because the shear number of flights to and from that airport.

For simplicity the departure date is set to (the device date + 7 days), returning after (departure date + 7 days)

Challenges I ran into

The limitation of the landmarks that Google cloud vision can recognize. Some issues with retrieving flights to certain destinations as the API that was available was not the production API from sabre, it was the test api.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

One step in the direction of virtual travel booking. Mashing together hot technologies (AI platform, mobile, cloud computing)

What I learned

The great potential and also the limitations of google cloud platform and AI.

Openshift is a breathe to setup, and has a better logging out of the box than what I've had setup in my local machine The elements of travel APIs (Sabre)

What's next for Teleporter

Connecting Teleporter to travel websites, so the user can book directly from within the app. Detecting user's location to find flights out from the nearest airport. Currently all out bound flights are set to depart from Chicago.

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