Think about if customers don't have a car or don't want to drive. If retail will help you solve the transportation for free, then customers will be willing to go anywhere.

What it does

An IoT accessory that triggers rides to local businesses from billboards, bus shelters, and park benches... Predicated on the fact that 90% of in-store foot traffic leads to a sale, we want to activate the consumer miles away from the store front, allowing advertisers to drive inbound leads through ride-sharing incentives.

How we built it

We build mobile phone applications with meteor.js and ionic. We build the admin application with the basic knowledge web development. We call uber or lyft via uber/lyft api(s). We buy our domain( on Radix.

Challenges we ran into

Ionic and meteor don't work together very well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The business model actually really innovative and new.

What's next for Teleport

All the code are on the github which is availble to anyone. We will tell our friend this totally new and fascinated idea.

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