As travel enthusiasts and curious people, we wanted to create a platform where cultural exchanges could happen with abundance and ease. We realized that language is a core aspect of understanding another culture, and language learning is a great skill to have. While learning another language can be difficult, learning in an immersive environment could make this process fun and easy. Then came Teleport.

What it does

Teleport is a smart platform where you can learn another language and immerse yourself in another culture by chatting with locals of that area. Our algorithm helps connect you with locals who are skilled at what you want to learn. Once matched, you can interact via text, and video or voice call. With inline translation and advanced language settings, you're able to seamlessly practice communicating in your language of choice. Share your progress by adding to your experiences section and give complements to others who you've learned from. The platform also offers a library of informative resources on topics you're interested in.

How we built it

We designed Teleport using Figma, and we will advance to mobile development in the Android environment. Teleport would use Google Earth Engine which provides geospatial APIs to allow users to connect with locals in any parts of the world. Language translation would also utilize Google's Natural Language API. Backend architecture was built using AWS.

Challenges we ran into

We were heavily focused on design and will have to forward in mobile development after hackathon.

What we learned

It was our first time creating a thorough, high fidelity wireframe in Figma, and we were impressed at our progress! We grew in appreciation for the design process: From working with low fidelity frames to creating high fidelity work, we relentelessly honed into our idea and refined Teleport to include the most helpful features. With this extra time in design, we can now proceed to mobile development with clear direction.

What's next for Teleport

A revamp of the website to include a demo of our mobile app and mobile app development.

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