Facebook is great for bringing people together. The Facebook group capability allows for community development across a common interest.

However, facebook group’s feeds are ephemeral and for certain projects or groups, this does not allow for the community to be able to track progress or tasks in a more organized manner.

This leads us to wonder if our tool Teleo, a team collaboration and project management tool for teams and groups, can help.

What it does

With a Facebook integration, Teleo can allow for facebook users to be able to view public groups and teams as well as which of their friends are in which groups. This also helps groups to grow their community as friends are more likely to join other groups that their friends are in.

Users are able to login into a teleo team with facebook authentication.

Once inside a team, Teleo helps these groups engage their community better with real time chat, as well as planner boards and notebooks where they can share progress of projects and tasks as well as information with their community in an organized way.

How I built it

We are a team of three engineers and we built it with VueJS for our frontend, KoaJS for our backend and MongoDB and redis for databases.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into challenges on getting FB friends to show up so we can show friends of users who joined other teams. We also ran into challenges with handling roles and permissions of team admins and facebook logged in guests.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Integrating FB into our tool + the different capabilities our tool bring to allow community members to engage with each other better.

What I learned

That bringing communities together is easier with some organization of information.

What's next for Teleo - Engage your community better

Build out more tools to allow for better engagement and organized information. For example, the ability to upload more type of information in our notebooks, as well as a community calendar.

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