Next year a new set top box will arrive at one of our customers. We will be building new apps on this box. Goal of this project is to get to know the new framework and create our first app and show it to our client aftwerwards to show what we can do in just 2 days.

What it does

Main idea for the moment,

  • TV budget app

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Start from scratch with 1 idea, build our own UI & define our own functionalities
  • Have a working app connected with a dummy backend
  • Get a good view on how the Metrological framework works
  • Show off @ customer and convince them that we can bring in ideas for other apps

What's next for TV set top box application

  • Looking for some developers to join the team
  • Sit together to define our approach
  • Prepare the 2 days so that we don't loose time than.

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