After watching Mark Rober's Glitter Bomb video, we realized something in common with most package theft. Thieves aren't your stereotypical hunched over hoodlum in a ski mask but they are your everyday person who can stealthily grab your package as it is too convenient to do so. We wanted to remove this convenience from thieves by creating a security box that tracks data for user-evidence as well as have some level of sensitivity on its own to inconvenience the theif.

What it does

The Telementary box captures image, gyroscope, and GPS data to ensure that if it is tampered with or stolen, an alarm will go off and all telemetry will be stored to user-accessible cloud.

How we built it

We started the day off by laser cutting a chassis for the phone mount; then we started the coding journey on react-native to pull data from the phone. We ended up placing emphasis on the mechanical construction and assigned a team member to pure hardware customization with 3D printing as the others figured out react dependencies. We used arduino for sensor interfacing and we used python for backend and ...

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We all got out feet wet in topics outside of our expertise. 3 of us are electrical engineers and we made a machine learning applications.

What we learned

Ben learned React Native, Monty learned Firebase and Google Vision API, and Mark learned backend with Python.

What's next for TeleMentary Box

fingerpring scanner

Built With

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