I sincerely apologize for the quality of this project and the quality of the text I am about to share with you. I acknowledge this should be written in a coding language, but since all of my teammates grew too tired of the project and decided to give up, I, with no knowledge in coding, was left to write this proposal. I ask you to pay attention to my idea and its viability in real world, rather than the visual quality of the project.


I had my IPPE rotation at Anticoagulation clinic in West Penn Hospital, where it is funded through 340B program. The target patients were those with no insurance or pay extremely high copay even with their insurance. It was very shocking that such a program exists because the patients were getting medications basically for less than 10% of what they would usually pay without the program. I really wanted this program to expand to more underserved and rural population, but the system the clinic had was not ideal. They were only able to see 1 patient every 30 minutes. This adds up to only 16 patients a day. I wanted some innovative system that could fix this problem.

What it does

It saves time. It saves the clinic's time and the patients' time. We will promote this service to the patients when they first come to the clinic with a pre-calibrated balance and a quick instruction on the app. For future appointments, the patients will be able to simply take pictures and weigh their medications and send the information to the clinical pharmacists or any participating providers, and with the given data the providers will be able to shorten their CMR time by approximately half or more. For example, checking the patient current medication list, adherence, social history, and checking vitals will all be done before the video counseling session even begins with the patient.

How I built it

My team first attempted with Android Studio. The team could not figure it mainly due to our lack of experience in Android Studio. We switched to Python with Plan B of HTML. Still unsuccessful, the team tried make a completely different model, but we were not able to finish it in time.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was to make this into a real, doable app. Since there are already so many apps that utilize QR code, image scanning, and video chats we believe this is a feasible idea, but we were just not the right individuals to code for it since none of us has any experience in Android Studio. A personal challenge I ran into was communication with team members. Since I was the only one from a clinical education background with no knowledge in programming, there were a lot of information I tried to convey to them but they failed to understand and vise versa. I believe the biggest reason we were not able to come up with a feasible program is because we lacked communication and the team did not have as strong belief in this idea as I did, partly because I failed to explain this thoroughly to them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the end product I made all by myself in 2 hours. I have never coded in my life nor made a video, but I really wanted to tell my idea to the mentors so that if they believe is a feasible idea they could build upon it. I sincerely apologize for the quality of my project, but I really wish you to listen to my idea rather than judge the product based on its appearance.

What I learned

I learned that teamwork is everything. If I was able to convey my idea thoroughly, my team may have been able to executed the program. If my teammates had told me they have no background knowledge in this language, we may have switched couple areas to make this possible on a PC. I learned that just because you have the knowledge does not mean you will be able to carry it out in real world.

What's next for Telemed

After receiving feedback, I would love to modify areas that need improvement and changes, then find a team that has experience in Android Studio. Or if my team decides to come back to work on this project, I will be more than welcome to work with them in the future.

Since I do not have this coded, I have prepared a video presentation for the judges.

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