When we came up with Telegraphic, we wanted an app that is fun, easily accessible, and a new way to connect to other people.

Telegraphic is a collaborative app that we built from the ground up. It's a native Android and iOS app that allows one friend to start a drawing and then lets other friends continue to work on the same picture from their phone. However, each time a friend is allowed to edit an image, he or she is only able to edit it for 10 seconds. After that, it will get sent to the next person they choose. When the image has been sent to 5 different people to be worked on, all friends involved in the process get the final result of the picture!

There were some technical hurdles we had to overcome to accomplish this hack. For example, we only have the ability to draw in Black, Red, Green, and Blue because people are only able to edit the image for 10 seconds and needed quick buttons as they frantically finish their part of the art. We also wanted a quick way for one to edit their brush size so we implemented a pinching as way for one to quickly modify the stroke of their brush.

Everything we made was built from the ground up. The backend was developed using Python, the Bottle framework, and SQLite. Then, both the iOS app and Android app were developed natively and built around our backend.

We kind of imagined Telegraphic as a telephone game for friends. Although one person may have an idea for a picture, the next may have a completely different vision and make the picture to their liking. We consider this app to be half social experiment/half game. We want to see what people think about their friends are thinking when they draw the craziest stuff.

Each little picture is a masterpiece in their own way; each little piece has its own story. When one uses Telegraphic, they're not only having fun with their friends, they're making art that they can appreciate!

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