In May 2020 Atlassian acquires Halp to make integration with Slack better. Our mission was to create an application that give an ability to create new customer requests from Telegram which allows to communicate between user and Jira Servicedesk agent.

What it does

This application creates new jira issue, from Telegram, which are based on the specific configuration for every project. Jira Administrator can set bot token in the plugin general settings. Jira project administrator configures project and telegram request types by himself. Telegram request type is similar to servicedesk customer request types.

How we built it

We used Atlassian Connect for Spring Boot, ReactJS, Swagger.

Challenges we ran into

Work with Atlaskit was a great effort for us because there are a lot of workarounds which are not obvious.

What we learned

New stack of technologies and how to build plugin for Jira Cloud platform

What's next for Telegram Support Channel

We will improve communication features between Jira and Telegram users and publish our work to Atlassian Marketplace.

Built With

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