As everyone knows 2020 and COVID-19, in particular, brought unpredictable side effects:

  • people loosing their employment and even businesses
  • most of them are now forced to start a new career from the very beginning in a completely new and sometimes unfamiliar area

With our Chat-Bot we are aiming to help people to improve their skillset, achieve new goals and build a successful career

What it does

Chat-Bot provides convenient and responsive interface for the end user to search for new Job offerings and learning courses to improve their skills and achieve new goals in their careers

High-level architecture:

We went with a PUSH-model:

Chat-bot pushes messages to API Gateway, it transfers the message to the message routing AWS Lambda

It in turns send it to user service or courses service.

Users are stored in AWS Cognito and courses are in Algolia search engine.

How did they come there?

Actually, it's been indexed from Contentstack CMS Platform, where in turns they appeared from the Courses Providers via AWS Glue as ETL system

What's next for Telegram Bot: Alfred's Job

  • We are targeted to cover a full cycle of help for our users to gain knowledge in new unfamiliar areas. As a next step we tend to help them with getting employed.​

  • Another step of our product evolving might be a monetization, if necessary: we're going to take a partnership with a most famous courses provides as well as hiring agencies and job boards. It means that our users will have an ability not just to find what they're looking for, but also take it with a cheaper price.

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