I always had a lot of clutter on my telegram app due from various chats I have been a part of, but never had a way to get every thing organized properly at a single place in a short and sweet fashion. When I read about Modzy's Text Summarization model I knew it was my way to build the thing I ever dreamt of and here we have the Telegram Assistant.

What it does

Telegram Assistant allows you to subscribe to various public channels and get their feed directly to a single chat, summerized into less than 100 words. This will allow users to have benefit of not missing important message, while making lengthy messages short to read from

How we built it

Built it from scratch up using Python, Telegram API using Telethon library, MongoDB, Modzy's Text Summarization Model and Modzy SDK.

Challenges we ran into

we faced various challenges which involved learning every asperct of various integration ranging from modzy to telegram api. Plus telegram received a major update last week after which we had to build everything againg to get things running properly

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have accomplished integrating Telegram and Modzy, and hope to integrate even more models to have an immersive experience

What we learned

Every step in the development process of this project was full or learning new technologies integrations, and new skill, It was quite fun learning .

What's next for Telegram Assistant

There is a long way to go, I plan to integrate OCR, Language detection, sentiment analysis as well as Translation models with the assistant to provide a single stop for every thing on telegram app itself

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