Almost every DAO starts in a form of Telegram group, so why don't we make it easier for Telegram users to create and manage a DAO?

What it does

Hyperdao turns Telegram groups into fully functioning DAOs and enables DAO participant to add new members, manage treasury and interact with Ethereum smart contracts within a shared Telegram group.

How we built it

As a part of PoC Hyperdao uses Gnosis Safe as a miniminal viable DAO and allows Multisig owners to sign and execute transactions through Telegram bot commands.

Authorisation level happens through wallet connect what allows hyperdaos to function in a trustless way.

Challenges we ran into

It's hard to combine closed source apps with open web3 apps, especially on the identity layer. We also ran into challenges while dealing with Gnosis Safe, especially Gnosis Safe API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to combined different pieces of technology from Web2 and Web3 worlds and improve the DAO usage experience.

What we learned

How to combine different pieces of technology and work together.

What's next for HyperDAO

Governor support, more DAO modules, better experience, discord support, etc.


wallet connect, tally, gnosis safe

Pls contact daojesus#8351 on discord

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