We believe that Scam calls have become a very severe problem for many people that are not highly experienced with information technology. Helping these people has been at the center of our efforts all weekend.

What it does

TeleCarsten automatically detects whether or not a given phone call is a scam call not only based on solely exogenous factors such as phone number but also the actual content of the spoken conversation.

How I built it

We started by brainstorming different ways of preventing social engineering attacks / scam calls. From this basis we first built a proof of concept application on an Android phone and upon realising the feasibility of our ideas, we fleshed them out further and further.

Challenges I ran into

There were quite a few challenges we ran into. First and foremost, none of us are Android developers. Building an application that is not "only" a few buttons but actually goes into the depths of the system was extremely challenging but also very rewarding.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to build an application on a platform that none of us knew beforehand that actually works well and is able to help people in need in a matter of days.

What I learned

Participating in two challenges at the same time is very challenging but also extremely fun. We might have started out some of our endeavours differently if we had known some of the possible issues beforehand but now we have learned from these experiences.

What's next for TeleCarsten

We believe there is a lot of potential for this idea. Not only for individuals but especially for companies aiming to strengthen their defences in terms of social engineering.

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