With more permissive internet bundles, e.g social network bundles, and cheaper entry level smartphones being made available even rural areas in Africa can be on some form of messaging app.

This was the inspiration for building a library system for the African Library project on telegram as a bot.

What it does

It provides a person running a rural library to manage the library through the bot. Viewing all the books in the library, overdue books, lending books to children and a few more administrative tasks.

The app would then have a dashboard that would be able to see all these changes in a city or town where access to internet is more available. Keeping track of various "telegram libraries" across various rural locations.

How I built it

The telegram bot is a python script whilst the api to control the library is built in flask

Challenges I ran into

I initially started to build the api and dashboard in Django but realized I would not be able to complete it before the hackathon was complete. Switching to flask was a bit late and I did not complete the application before the deadline anyway.

Deployment of the telegram bot, currently it is running off my local machine.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Built a responsive telegram bot

What I learned

Learned how to use the telegram api with python.

What's next for Telebrary

Rebuilding the backend in Django, completing the admin dashboard and deploying the bot to a production server.

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