Submitted by Jaya Veluri web development team, NYPH cell number:732 692 0302

Tele-Patient Tracker Tele-Patient Tracker is useful for Cardiac patients, Kidney patients etc. who need to follow up after on post-surgery care. I have taken an example of cardiac patients who have undergone surgery, for example at New York Presbyterian, but living in other states of the country or neighboring states like NJ and Connecticut. Cardiac patients will have palpitations, low and high Blood pressure, sudden drop of blood-sugar levels etc. for few months after surgery – and this is very common. But they get anxiety for these things, and will schedule an appointment with the doctor who performed the surgery. To save them a trip which is not needed and also if the doctor is out of the country or patient is out of the country, still the patient can connect with doctor/doctor’s office through this app. I prototyped it as web application, but it can be easily converted to mobile app with “Voice to Text” and “FaceTime” apps. The App is also good for people with hearing and speaking disabilities.

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