As the pandemic started and we were thrust upon lockdowns, our first instinct was to use technology as a medium to preform day to day task. We used Zoom for our schooling and work. Social media and streaming services was now our go to for entertainment. We also relied heavily on social media as a form of communication with our friends and family. Unfortunately with this connivence came a heavier reliance on our phones and devices. And with that reliance came a general degradation of our mental and physical health.

One way one of our team members kept on top of their wellness was through making and maintaining healthy habits. He made an accountability partner that made sure he kept up his daily habits. As well has keeping note if he was maintaining a streak of his daily habits. As the lock downs continued him and his accountability partner continued to maintain their general wellness by forming and maintaining habits through accountability.

What it does

Teikō is a platform that fosters habit development as well as creating an environment that maintains those habits. It informs users of their screen time and how many times they have picked up their phones. The main selling point of Teikō is to improve mental and physical wellness but forming and keeping habits. The app strives to lessen user screen time by tallying the amount of time they pick up their phone. It then equates that number to a certain habit the user what's to for or maintain. (e.g. 10 pick ups equates to 10 pages the user must read) This is reinforced by the accountability partner function. User's can partner with others to keep them accountable. Other users can see how many times see if how much time someone has spent on their phones or how many times they hack picked up their phones. They can also see if others have maintained their daily habits. Teikō also has a streak functionality that displays whether or users have been maintaining their habits, this will also reinforce users to keep their streak going.

How we built it

We primarily used Figma to design and prototype the project.

Challenges we ran into

Unfortunately one of our team members was without internet for a significant portion of the hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are most proud of the time and effort we as a team put into this project considering our teams busy schedule. Most of our team had to work or had other obligations to attend to but we still carved out time to put into this project. We are proud of hour for the time we spent on it.

What we learned

The main takeaways from this hackthon was defiantly how flexibility is crucial to any team. Since our team had other obligations, a general understanding that everyone might be occupied eased the stress or making project. Another important take away was good communication. Especially on an online setting communication was key to keep everyone updated and efficient.

Built With

  • figma
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