Title: Help Staying Connected while Social Distancing


  1. Children and teens get bored staying inside the home all the time.
  2. Facebook and other social sites do not provide the correct logic and tools to search for appropriate friends having similar background, interests, and hobbies.
  3. My app helps the kids target and connect with other friends matching their interests and background including:
    • Age Group
    • Country location
    • Language
    • Gender
    • Availability
    • And need like playing games, somebody to talk to, having study friends, watching a movie

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Technical Logic:

  1. The app prompts the user to provide information on their background profile including their age group, country location, language, gender, availability
  2. It also prompts the user for their needs and interest like playing games, somebody to talk to, having study friends, watching a movie
  3. Once the information has been gathered, an algorithm matches the user to other users with similar needs and interests
  4. The algorithm will send a message to the users asking them their interest to be matched with the user.
  5. The user data is persisted in a database for matching with other users.

Technologies Used:

  1. Xcode version 11.4.1
  2. Swift programming language
  3. iOS simulator


  1. The app will be very useful during the current COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Kids (and even adults) feel alone and bored.
  3. It is a challenge to search for friends having similar interests and needs
  4. As such, this app will be very useful and widely used to search for and connect with friends having common background and needs.
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