All four of us have grown up playing video games. We immediately decided that creating a game together would be an interesting and informative experience. We chose to base our game on another iconic game, Pokemon, so we could focus more on the programming aspect than the game design aspect. We still wanted to express our creativity and love for Computer Science, so instead of using existing Pokemon, we created our own "Hackemon," which have designs, names, and moves based on coding languages.

What it does

The game is played between two players. The two players share one keyboard, with the first player using "WASD" and the second player using the arrow keys. Each key corresponds to a move that the Hackemon can use. The players take turn using moves that can heal themself or damage their opponent. The first Hackemon to reach a health of 0 loses the game and an announcement appears to congratulate the victor. To add flair to the game, we created a dynamic health bar that displays the Hackemon's health, a simple animation when a move is performed, and a moving background of binary numbers.

How we built it

We used Unity 2D's Collab feature to commit changes to a single game project. We used Paint.NET to hand-craft every piece of the game's art.

Challenges we ran into

Three of us were completely new to Unity before we began the project, and the fourth had not used it in two years. Much of our time was spent learning about the intricacies of the game developing program. Tasks that we expected to be simple, like placing text on an object, could take hours because of our inexperience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our UI. We believe that the game looks polished and nice to look at. We're also very proud of the creativity we were able to put into the game, and we believe that programmers will especially enjoy the references to coding languages we made.

What we learned

We have gained an incredible amount of knowledge about Unity in this 24-hour time period. While we initially knew nothing, we now know how Unity is set up and how game objects interact with one another. The next game we make together has the potential to be much more advanced.

What's next for TeenHackémon

Because of our inexperience, the program is not as efficient as it could be. If we wished to add on to the game, we would likely start from Scratch and plan out how to use a minimal amount of repeating code to streamline the game and make it easy to expand upon.

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