We hoped for a platform that connected teenagers with available jobs with them. This would enable teenagers juggling academics, extracurriculars, volunteering, and any other fields the opportunity to find jobs near them.

What it does

The website connects parents seeking babysitters, petsitters, lawn-mowers, tutors, and other services, with teenagers who post their availability for said services

How we built it

We used a free website template, but thoroughly edited the content to best suit our pitch. We coded using HTML, and the template was used from Colorlib.

Challenges we ran into

Functionality was the largest impediment to the entire process. We lacked the proper experience to fully allow the website to independently function

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Given the little experience we as a team had, we are glad of how much effort we all dedicated, through both external help sources, and utilizing available workshops, to further authenticate our website

What we learned

Teamwork make the dream work

What's next for TeenAid

Functionality. We would like to add authentification and secure profiles.

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