Card Game are best choice to demonstrate use of Wix and Velo for game making, and are very interesting. We think Cashino games would be good because they dont require physics and motions

What it does

In our Teen Patti game, player can play an Indian Version of poker. They can join and play with their friends with support up to 10 players at a time.

How we built it

We have used wix-data to store whole gameState in one row of Wix Collectio for every game. wix-realtime and wix-realtime-backend were useful to send update to client in realtime without refreshing page on client end. (This was the most important library for this game). other liberarys which were used are wix-lcoation and wix-members

Challenges we ran into

First, some velo apis didnt worked in preview mode, so we had to publish game now and then to check. Second, data structures. It is hard but not impossible to do Data Structure with Velo + Wix Collection We have plans to add many more features to game but time was a big constraint for us

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Realtime Updates in game. Ability to code complex logic in velo

What we learned

We have learned that almost anything is possible to create using Wix and Velo. And I am sure whatever limitation Velo has now can be removed with updates and introduction to new APIs. Form this project particular we learn use of wix-realtime and how npm packages can also be used with velo

What's next for Teen Patti (Indian Poker)

Expanding range of games to include other cashino games like holdem texas poker, blackjack, roulette etc. Improved UI and mobile optimization

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