Teenage years are coping years for both parents and kids. Parents need to cope with the fact that their child is evolving from a kid to an individual with lots of questions and other challenges. Kids entering the teen years are not only going through physical but also emotional changes. Hence this app is for parents as well as teens to help go through this phase. Note: I am the mom whose kid just entered teen years and hence created this Alexa Skill life hack for me as well as others who need guidance.

This Alexa skill is for teens or parents with teens to cope with general teen problems and provides a general guidance on how to raise a healthy and mentally strong teen. Some of the general questions that users can ask "Alexa" are:- How to have a hygienic teen? How to have a healthy teen? How to deal with teen acne? How to have a mentally strong teen? How to control teen hormones? How to cope with a depressed teen? How to treat depression in a teen? How to cope with troubled teen? How to mentor a teen? How to be a mature teen? How to sleep easier as a teen? How to recognize a teen with ADHD? How to motivate a teen? How to treat ADHD in a teen? How to create a teen resume? How to cope with a lying teen? How to cope with test anxiety in a teen? How to build a healthy teen? How to have a teen with a healthy mind? How to be a socially healthy teen? How to understand teen boys? How to make a teen emotionally strong?

The skill is built using AWS Lambda in the backend to store data. After invoking the skill, the user needs to ask questions to get the right guidance for the question. The keywords within the questions are arranged into slot types. In the backend, each slot type has a guidance attached to it. Once a match is found, Alexa responds with an answer related to the question. Most of the guidance for the Alexa skill is taken from Wiki how-to and other retail books. The most challenging part is to create and prepare a list of questions that are best suited and provide guidance to questions that teens and parents usually seek answers to. I am hopeful and confident that the "Teen Guide" Alexa skill takes care of the important scenarios that teens and their parents need answers for. Creating the "Teen Guide" skill has been a learning experience for me from a personal and product standpoint. Personally, I could learn answers to quite a few questions as my child is entering the teen years. Product wise, I hope it becomes a useful tool and provides the right guidance for other teens and their parents.

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