Just Ask A Teen, is an advice page where common or unique issues are solved and spoken to. It's also where you can write rants and personal stories that you need to get out. It's a safe community and everyone's identity is protected.

Features added

Schedule one-on-one meetings, Forms, Ratings and Testimonials, Live Chat with JAAT, Questionnaire, resource carousel for collection of blogs, Form for submitting work,

Challenges I ran into

  • A starter in HubSpot ecosystem
  • Finding a website to work on
  • My first Solo project
  • Time Constraint

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learning about HubSpot
  • Building a website using HubSpot

What's next for Teen Community using HubSpot

  • Deploying the website into a Domain
  • More Personalization for users
  • Learning and Implementing more HubSpot features into the website

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